All MiTH

Mmm Band, Freewheelers & Hilton Montessori (Double My Age)

Dave Starke and Lizzie Gaisford, Dave Imrie & The Staniland Band

Angus Burns & Friends, Brian Bedingfield, Chris and Kaylee

Geoffrey Diver, The Staniland Band & Ilan Lax and Band

Jes Bedingfield, Lukin Joshua & N’Den live at MiTH

B#, Murray Bondesio & Dave Rossouw Live at MiTH

Demi Edwards, Grace Botha & Paul Arthur

Howick High Band, Woodgate & Serrotone

Howick High, Skippy Kubheka, The Lion, The Bear & The Panther

N’Den Miriam Makeba Tribute & The South Jersey Pom-Poms