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Serrotone, Basson Laas & Alan Strang Live at MiTH

Seb Goldswain, Pretty & The Music, Father and Son Live

Rusty Red, The Name On The Drum, Ilan & Chesco Live at MiTH

Dave Starke, Blackbird, Reid Family live at MiTH – 28 Oct

MiTH 14 Oct – Mali Zulu, Erin & Kath, Bianca Santoro

Rowan Stuart, Grace Botha live at MiTH, 30th of September

Kristen ZA, Reid Family (Virtually) Live at MiTH

MiTH’s Great Virtual 6th Birthday Anti-Covid-19 Show!

Seb Goldswain & South Wolves Live at MiTH

Herbart’s Symphonic Brass Live at MiTH