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The James Edward Project, Eastenders & Bridgitt Leahy Live @ MiTH

The Gloucester Blues Project, Essentials & Aroura

Evo, Acoustic Jukebox and Martin & Charles Live @ MiTH

Painting So Severe, Rhiannon & Vince and David Gengan Live at MiTH

The Lion & The Bear, Las Cuerdas – The Strings & Ian Taylor Live @ MiTH

Pan Latino, Blackbird & Emily Weber Live @ MiTH

Lotshiwe Tshabalala, andtheRiddle & Michaela-Skye Live @ MiTH

Seb Goldswain, The Hyacinth Wild & Reets

MiTH Tenth Birthday Bash

Gavin Ferguson, Bridgitt Leahy, Chris & Kaylee Live @ MiTH