All MiTH

Undivided Roots, Evo & Howick High School Band

Who Wants To Live Forever, Erin Fourie and Alan Strang, Rosie Whitfield

Rob Warren, Tyran Roy & Bradley de Klerk

Tim Parr, Roly Struckmeyer, Kristen and Matt Duo

Steve Umculo, Matt Vend, and Adagio at MiTH

Ahimsa, Paul Arthur & St Charles Senior Primary Bands

Nibs van der Spuy, Pretty & The Music, Bradley de Klerk

Tracing Circles, Rhiannon Reid, Ilan Lax with Brian Bedingfield and Roly Struckmeyer

Cherry Vynil, Nish Pillay, and James Shead at MiTH

Qadasi & Maqhinga, Jahworx, and Charles Webster at MiTH