All MiTH in Hilton

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    Rowan Stuart, Grace Botha live at MiTH, 30th of September

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    Kristen ZA, Reid Family (Virtually) Live at MiTH

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    MiTH’s Great Virtual 6th Birthday Anti-Covid-19 Show!

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    Seb Goldswain & South Wolves Live at MiTH

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    Herbart’s Symphonic Brass Live at MiTH

    • image-149

    The Lion, the Bear & the Panther Live at MiTH

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    The Last Lentil @MiTH

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    Josh Devine, Brigitt Leahy and The Reid Family Live at MiTH

    • image-146

    Brian Bedingfield And Tracing Circles Live At MiTH

    • image-143

    The Unassuming Roadshow comes to MiTH