All MiTH in Hilton

Post Box Blues Band, Gerry Van Rensburg & Grace Botha

Lost//Youth, Kristen & Webster Family Band

Major Tom, Sonjica Family Tribute & EVO

Dave Starke, Feelin’ Good Lite, and Antonio Ravell live @ MiTH

Brown Jam, Grace & the Big Guy, and Corduroy Dreams

Tanner Wareham, Grace & The Big Guy, and Jimi Ganesh & The Truth live at MiTH

Tracing Circles, Kath & Erin, and Cashmere live at MiTH

Qadasi & Maqhinga, Matt Vend, and Bianca Santoro Live at MiTH

Serrotone, Matt Gardiner & Corduroy Dreams

The Lion, The Bear & The Panther live at MiTH