All MiTH in Hilton

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    The Last Lentil @MiTH

    • image-147

    Josh Devine, Brigitt Leahy and The Reid Family Live at MiTH

    • image-146

    Brian Bedingfield And Tracing Circles Live At MiTH

    • image-143

    The Unassuming Roadshow comes to MiTH

    • image-142

    Zeeroover’s “History of the Blues” Live at MiTH

    • image-139

    Priya Boshoff Live at MiTH

    • image-138

    Dave Starke & Nish Pillay Live at MiTH

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    Qadasi & Maqhinga, Hinds Brothers – Live at MiTH

    • image-136

    Tracing Circles, Gavin Ferguson Live at MiTH

    • image-135

    And the Riddle, Jon Shaban, Ian Fisher, Themba Mokoena at MiTH